A 2010 Montana Natural Heritage Program and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks graphic showing range of arctic grayling. In late summer and fall, Dolly Varden deposit their eggs in nests scraped into the gravel. (Courtesy | Montana FWP) Light and soft in texture, grayling taste … Life History Growth and Reproduction. The young fish feed on insects in the water. Keeping fish in the 10-12 inch range are the best for eating. Generally omnivorous, they feed primarily on crustaceans, insects, and zooplankton. Arctic grayling are amazing fish. Prevailing easterly winds help "push" the young fish to the Sagavanirktok River west of the Refuge, more than 200 miles from where they began. A food resource for Kaktovik Natives, Arctic cisco are netted or seined from August through early September. It is one of the grayling's unique adaptations to arctic Alaska. Modern research supports the view that they are not separate taxa, but alternative ecological forms of T. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. [4] An old controversy exists over the status of Baikal black vs white graylings, T. baicalensis and T. brevipinnis. Yet the Arctic cisco plays a big role in the arctic. They prefer to feed in clear flowing rivers so they can see their prey. They are basically a whitefish with a small mouth that is more suited for feeding off the bottom. Many rivers on the Arctic Refuge coastal plain are less than waist deep, and freeze to the bottom each winter. faint smell of the herb thyme, which emanates from the flesh. An exceptional Dolly Varden caught in Beaufort lagoon was 32 inches long and weighed 10.6 pounds. What is nice though is that they love to hit dry flies despite the grayling having a mouth like a sucker fish. Thymallus is a genus of freshwater fish in the salmon family Salmonidae; it is the only genus of subfamily Thymallinae. Like many fish in the family Salmonidae, they have short heads, large eyes, small, toothed mouths, and forked tails. In late May or June, when spring meltoff opens the rivers, mature grayling swim upstream to their traditional spawning areas. According to FishBase, 14 species are placed in this genus. The Refuge's short summers and long winters slow grayling growth. Fish from the Refuge disperse into nearshore waters west of the Refuge and east into Canada, where they mix with Dolly Varden from other river drainages. Biologists don't know where the juveniles overwinter. [3] However, views differ on their taxonomic rank. After spawning, they continue upstream to their summer feeding grounds. General Description. With 4 feet of ice, Lake Väkkärä is a safe place for ice fishing and a soft reindeer hide will keep you warm while you patiently lure those perch to the surface. Topics on this page: The type species is Thymallus thymallus, the grayling. Arctic grayling are larger and thicker than that of its cousins (salmon, trout, and char) and they sport a unique scalloped edge. It is one of the grayling's unique adaptations to arctic Alaska. I skewered these three, cut a few diagonal slashes in their skin, and salted and broiled them in the fashion that Japanese prepare charr, trout and small salmon. These metallic silver fish eat marine invertebrates, and are themselves an important food source for larger fish and marine mammals. An angler's dream, a caddis fly's nightmare, grayling are well adapted to survive in the harsh arctic environment. After hatching, the finger-length juveniles migrate west along the Refuge coast. - Lowell Sumner (pioneering NPS biologist). Arctic grayling are abundant throughout much of Alaska. Grayling will hit surface patterns and nymphs with reckless abandon and are targeted from day 1 of the Alaska fishing season through the end. By fall, the fish have large stores of fat, which will provide the energy they need to survive eight months under the ice. The Arctic Grayling is a species native to northern North America. It is a critical link in the marine food chain, provides food for local residents, and brings money to commercial fishermen. Return to Top, one of Planet Earth's own works of art. Juveniles overwinter in this river for a few years until they reach the sub-adult stage. Return to Top, Arctic CiscoIt is not a game fish, has an obscure name, can't easily be seen, and has no great claim to fame. Thymallus species are distinguished from other members of the salmon family by their larger scales, their small mouths with teeth on the maxillary bone, and most striking of all, their showy, sail-like dorsal fins. The smaller grayling taste better than large grayling. Sub-adult Arctic cisco from the Colville River are an important commercial resource. Arctic GraylingDolly VardenArctic Cisco. The Arctic Grayling is currently ranked "S1" in Montana because it is at extremely high risk of extirpation in the state due to very limited and/or rapidly declining population numbers, range and/or habitat. The Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) is a medium-sized fish, in the same family as salmon and trout, but with enough unique characteristics to be placed in a subfamily of its own – Thymallinae.Grayling live in cold-water streams and lakes and are easily recognizable by their long dorsal fin and iridescent blue-purple color. Sparkling like brilliant gems in pristine waters, Dolly Varden provide recreational enjoyment to Refuge visitors, and nourishment to local residents. Grayling use silty glacial rivers as summer migration corridors and for overwintering. Many Dolly Varden are anadromous, wintering in the rivers and summering in coastal marine waters. This characteristic, however, is more than a special gift from nature. Sporting an elegant sail-like dorsal fin, Arctic grayling are cousins of the trout. These fishes require cool, well-oxygenated water, preferably with a swift current; they are found in large, sandy- or gravel-bottomed rivers and lakes, but T. thymallus may occasionally be found in brackish conditions. Thymallus derives from the Greek θύμαλλος, "thyme smell".[2]. Arctic grayling spawn for the first time between the ages of 4 and 7 years and at a length of about 255 to 305 millimeters (~10 to 12 inches.) Others never visit the sea, spending their entire lives in the rivers of their birth. The name of the genus Thymallus first given to grayling (T. thymallus) described in the 1758 edition of Systema Naturae by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus originates from the The other species have more localized ranges in northern Asia. Arctic Grayling is a good eating fish with meat that is white and flaky similar to a trout. Grayling are found only in the few river systems with deep pools that remain unfrozen under six feet of ice. Arctic grayling are approximately 15 to 36 cm long, with an average weight of 1 to 2 kg. She goes over the tackle and techniques for using both spin fishing and fly fishing gear. T. thymallus, the grayling, is widespread in Europe, and T. arcticus, the Arctic grayling, is widespread throughout Eurasia east of the Ural Mountains and in the Nearctic.

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