Even so, what’s your favorite piece of water to fish in? During the summer, my brother and I would spend almost all day on the water swimming and fishing with our friends, riding jet skis or cruising around in the family pontoon boat. In 2005, a behemoth Mekong giant catfish, weighing in at a scale-tipping 646 pounds (293 kilograms) was caught in a remote village in Thailand near the Mekong River. Moreover they can reach impressive sizes. Bored of whales, great white sharks and mantas ? Alligator Gar is an extremely old fish species dating back to over 100 million years ago. Most surprising, some use its scales to create jewellery. He caught it on a homemade bucktail jig. Timonty Jako of Monroe Township holds his state record white catfish caught on August 14, 2004 in Dallenbach Pond, East Brunswick. The fresh water record is held by John Christian, who was fishing from the shore of the Great Egg Harbor River in Mays Landing on April 26, 2002, when he caught the record bass. Those teeth are used to scrape but not to bite. Lucky for Viglione, the state record fish program does not disqualify anglers for wearing dish washing gloves. Lawrence Jopko, then 14 years old, was fishing for catfish with his uncle in the Delaware River near Washington crossing in 1990 when he caught the NJ State record tiger muskie. They use their rostrum as a metal detector to flush out their prey in the sand. Just do it below ! You got something to add, a reaction? When: 6/18/2011, #2 – 130 pounds 10 oz. The second largest freshwater fish in North America is the alligator gar. (source: NJ DEP), Billy Friedman landed this giant carp while fishing the South Branch of the Raritan River in 1995. When: 3/12/1991, #3 – 21.75 pounds 14 oz. on his own scale in May 2012. In real life, the fish was not as pixelated as this photo. The Wels Catfish is the large size catfish, native to wide areas of southern and eastern Europe. Nothing crappie about that! Updated May 16, 2019; Posted Jul 25, 2016 . Whether that’s sayingno to single use plastics, supporting environmentally friendly dive operations or supportingsustainable dive merchandise brands. Jasko was fishing with a simple bobber, hook and nightcrawler when he landed the fish from his boat on 14-pound test line. Spotmydive editors are all about delivering quality information to you. Not only being the largest caviar producer and existing for more than 245 million years. A 42-pound Muskellunge. Where: California – Castaic Lake (source: NJ DEP). Nothing to do with fluffy cats, this fish is the biggest and the scarcest of its kind. Some tribes still use the tongue of the largest freshwater fish of South America as a sanding tool. Es terriblemente espantoso el ver a tan bellos ejemplares extinguirse para solo el divertimento del hombre o en el caso del esturión por el estúpido hecho de las clases adineradas los maten para “saciar su hambre” con los huevos que la hembra lleva dentro. He caught the fish casting from his boat on Pompton Lake on May 16, 1996. When: 1/16/2004, #5 – 120 pounds It can happen. (Source NJ DEP), One of the requirements for being certified with a state record fish should be having a proper fishing nickname like "Bumbo." Here is Shawn Warren with a Monster Redfish that shockingly is NOT the American record. His daughter Sarah is pictured holding the mount of the fish, which is still displayed prominently and proudly in the family home. The ocean is our playground and it goes without saying that its value is limitless. You can find another sturgeon fish secret in ’13 of the world’s longest living marine species’. Photo: Backyard sunset over Lake Santee Cooper from our family’s lakehouse. As far as I know, this was the first and only cat fish-powered tubing event on Lake Marion. Don't Edit. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. When: 6/2/1932, #2 – 22.063 pounds Wels catfish is the largest true freshwater fish and can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh over 300 pounds. (source NJ DEP), Andrew Du-Jack holds his  state record brook trout caught on May 1, 1995, in the Rockaway River. Stingrays’ spur has a potentially deadly poison, and like their cousins the sharks they are victims of their bad reputation. Who: Jed Dickerson (photo courtesy of the Jopko family). This monster from Thailand is threatened with extinction. This photo shows Adam Faatz of Hawthorne, NJ with his state record in the archery category caught at Greenwood Lake on May 19, 2014. This monster cat must've tasted great blackened with some cajun seasoning. Many huge Marlin specimens have been caught over the years, but this one is the largest of all by the stringent standards of the International Game Fish Association. Who: George Perry Weight: 7 lb. Who: Greg Bernal The beluga sturgeon in Russia is the largest freshwater fish in the world. As you can on the map below, it looks like California is the place to be if you want to catch the biggest largemouth bass in the country: It’s a subjective question and nobody has fished in every possible lake, river or stream in the United States. It was heaven. (Source NJ DEP), Lenny Saccente holds the state record brown trout he took out of Round Valley Reservoir in 1995. While I have no recollection of them purchasing the house, I do have countless childhood memories of the lake. Where: Virginia – Buggs Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir) Not a bad place to spend a childhood! It could not have been easy to haul through a hole in the ice. Nile Perch, Nile River – Africa. However, we can distinguish some snorkeling destinations that stand out from all of them. As you can see from the map below, the southeast US looks like the place to go if you want to catch the biggest catfish: #1 – 22.25 pounds Where: Alabama – Holt Reservoir Bonjour,Belle série mais… avec une erreur de traduction pour le n° 3.En Français il est appelé requin-bouledogue Carcharhinus leucas => https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requin-bouledogueEn Anglais c’est bien ’bull shark’ Carcharhinus leucas => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_sharkEn traduisant Bull shark en requin taureau cela correspond à l’ espèce ci-dessous ! Tags: best fishing spots in america, biggest catfish, biggest freshwater fish in america, biggest largemouth bass, bimini tops, boat accessories, boat covers, catfish, catfish record, largemouth bass, largemouth bass record, us national fishing records, Previous: The REAL Signs Of Drowning That You Won’t See On TV. The white sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America. Subscribe to our newsletter, © Spotmydive 2020 - News and Magazine on the underwater world, 7 of the largest and biggest fresh water fish. Who: John Paul Similarly, […], Snorkeling is a great activity to discover the seabed with just a mask, fins and a snorkel. Some people need a helping hand to understand […], Before embarking on this exciting classification, we must not forget certain factors.

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