Once you’re able to activate this quest, Pokapoka will ask you to fetch him 3 Bunnia Hams which are dropped by Ether Bunnias in Satorl Marsh. I don't know if my game glitched or what but I'm at the fountain he's supposed to be at and changing the time with him not appearing once. Check the page to know Talonyth's location, which quests Talonyth can give, and tradable items Talonyth has! Now that Gadada has the evidence, he’s ready to make Debadeba pay! There are many Nopon Merchants across the Bionis, however, you will need to speak to Daza in Colony 6. Note that this acts as a missables cutoff point for several Refugee Camp quests. Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 6 reconstruction guide. Gadada has read the Top Secret Data and has found that it was Debadeba who was misusing the Red Pollen Orbs! After moving to Colony 6, he manages the restaurant north of the Reconstruction HQ. She doesn’t want you following her there, despite all of the warnings that it is dangerous. Melia cautiously entered the room. Talonyth (Japanese: タテドナス, Tatedonasu) is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. Completing this quest will unlock Melia’s skill branch, Reticence. Once you have the Member’s card, head back to the Secret Club and show the Bouncer your new card. Potential Alcamoth residents each have a secondary location after the events of Mechonis Core. Now that Melia has rejoined the party, now is the time to take care of all of that. Once you have reached Alcamoth in the main quest and have completed Dangerous Ambition, Gadada will offer up this quest. Looking for more help with Xenoblade Chronicles? He says he dropped it near an ether deposit at Eryth Sea. This quest must be completed in order to unlock Gadada’s next quest, Destroying the City Trade. Continue north to a fountain now where you’ll find an Alcamoth Citizen who will offer Material Quest 1. This will also simultaneously complete Trouble at the Plant. Hunt Level 26 … From the Affinity chart, you can click on a character in a particular location, then hit Y to bring up a full list. As I said, upon resuming my first thing was to take a short trip back to Alcamoth to find Talonyth and suggest he travel to Colony 6. Just jump of the ledge into the water from the Divine Sanctuary landmark and swim to the small island infront of the falls. Finding him and telling him to return home will trigger him to move into Colony 6, he is a new NPC that appears once this quest has been accepted. Once you’ve retrieved the stove, take it back to Ma’crish to complete the quest. Pokapoka must also have moved from Frontier Village to Colony 6 and to achieve this you need to have Housing at level 2 in the reconstruction process and a population of at least 30. When you reach him, it will trigger a cutscene where you discover that a High Entia has tricked him into handing over a Red Pollen Orb, which are rare and hard for the Nopon to make. Once you have the items, return to Caul, then report back to Mir’leiz. This quest can be somewhat difficult if acceptable at the earliest possible point available. As you might expect, since these areas are fairly lucrative, they can also be tough to find. Head back to Colony 6 and hand the perfume to Nopo’rikh. He’s in one of the alcoves on the island, so speak with him to have him return to Alcamoth, then go back and talk with Merisa. 2x Spotted Volff Hide -Fight Volff on Bionis’ Leg, 2x Steel Silk - Collectable in Tephra Cave; trade with Peppino in Colony 9, 4x Bunnia Scent Wood - Fight Ogre Bunnia north of Glowing Obelisk in Satorl Marsh; trade with Bokoko in Satorl Marsh, Fossil Monkey - Collectable in Makna Forest; trade with Puko in Frontier Village, Eks Iron Heart - Fight Eks in Makna Forest, 4x Sturdy Armor - Fight Flavel Andos in Eryth Sea; trade with Galdo in Alcamoth. The Pure Perfume can be retrieved from the small island. Staying on the ground floor, follow the ramp to the north (on the western side), and you will find Cian standing in the shallow water. This quest is received once you have activated Jarack’s quest, Trouble at the Plant. Return the item, once you have it, to Kurralth. You must finish this quest in order to complete Trouble at the Plant. Make your way to the southeast here to find another Citizen offering Search Quest 1 and then head southwest to a small fountain to find another Citizen who offers Search Quest 4. And you may only activate it with Melia as the lead. He says he can improve it, but needs the material first, mentioning that it’s in the High Entia Tomb. Should your Talent Gauge fill during this battle, be sure to hit all enemies with Mind Blast. Nopo’rikh can be found in the Armu Farm of Colony 6. If you jump off of the ledge where Jarack is found, you can swim to the island where Hode Refugee is located. Follow the western outer path all the way to the south, picking up the Heart-to-Heart along the way, to find a Citizen that offers Collection Quest 1 while further south you’ll find Vidian. Once you have all of them, head back to Gadada to complete the quest. Beat them up until you get the plates. This quest must be completed in order to unlock Cook-Off Final Blow?! Talonyth (Japanese: タテドナス, Tatedonasu) is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. Just north of Lecrough is another Imperial Guard who will offer Challenge 3 and then head up the stairs to the east and speak to Kaelin near the transporter. As soon as she crossed the threshold, Talonyth closed the door behind her. First Published: 01-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT Once you have all three water samples, return to Zain. He will then explain that Debadeba has been receiving packages from a Nopon in Satorl Marsh. Version: 1.0 (????) Head east from here to find Ruthan who offers The Deciphering Machine while another Citizen east of him offers Collection Quest 4. This quest is received once you have activated Jarack’s quest, Trouble at the Plant. Wave 1: - You’ll be in control of Melia for this Time Attack and how difficult this is all lies on how used to Melia’s playstyle you are. Following on from the story developed in Dangerous Ambition, Gadada wants to find out who it was who tricked him into giving over the Red Pollen Orbs. In order to proceed with and complete this quest, the other two quests must be completed. Following this quest, you will be forced to accept the surprise quest, Hode Attack. That’s all of the NPCs registered so return to the Fountain of Eternity after 18:00 and speak to Arielle again to accept the Building Bridges Quest and then it’s time to get to work on clearing these Quests. When you have defeated them, return to Shalen to complete the quest. The item you need is located in the Second Treasury, which is a hidden area in the tomb. You need to complete Daza’s quest, Secret Mission, which is a quest in Colony 6, in order to finish this quest. In order to activate this quest, both Hoko and Talonyth must now reside in Colony 6. Head to Ascension Hall and then take the northern transporter and head north to reach the Imperial Villa Landmark where you’ll trigger more scenes. They can be found specifically on the Tower of Trials and the material required is a fairly common drop so you shouldn’t have to farm for too long. It is level 38 and completely independent of the quest, so as soon as you grab the item, you can fast travel out without having to fight the Unique Monster. Scarlen seems to have fallen for two of his friends and wants to know how they feel about him. Ricoth will be Route A, while Rozeal will be Route B. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Walkthrough Team, Beginner's Guide to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, Register as a member and get all the information you want. Collect Smelly Perfume (Route A) - If you choose this route then you want to head to Poison Swamp in Satorl Marsh. Housing and commerce must be lv1. He has asked you to find the location of the Secret Club in Alcamoth. Copyright © 2006-2020 Mist Network and its owners. Check out some of our useful guides below! He will then ask you to speak to some Nopon Merchants and obtain proof from them. Once you have the required amount, return to Jarack, who will then ask you to repair the turbine for him. Your task will be to defeat Decay Ekidnos near Syrath Lighthouse at night. © 2010 - 2020 Nintendo / MONOLITHSOFT. This should complete the map but head to the Fountain of Hope Landmark and head east to register one Heart-to-Heart and then warp to the Imperial Villa to register another. After turning these two Quests in, head to the Imperial Palace Landmark and head northwest to find Naroth who will offer A Necessary Upgrade while if you head to the southwest, you’ll find Mir’leiz is now offering Teaching Materials. Begin by heading back to Colony 6 and speak to the new residents to accept all of the new available Quests here (you may have to go back to Alcamoth to send both Ma’crish and Talonyth here if you didn’t do so earlier).

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