Bandar Log (1998) | Treasure Planet Villains | Apaches | Black Guards | Alice in Wonderland Villains | Ginarrbrik | Mad Hatter | Then she says softly with an evil grin "while you can", and chuckles sinisterly. Fantasia Villains | Melody asks if she means that it wasn't just "an ordinary fish tale" like her mother told her and if it really exists. Fates | Morgana got criticized for her jealousy of Ursula. Foxy Loxy | Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) | Bill Bluff | Scuttle distracts Morgana and Ariel and Sebastian rescue Prince Eric, while Tip and Dash defeat Undertow and rescue Melody and Flounder. Bandits | Edgar Balthazar | Latham Cole | Gaston LeGume | Lazlo | Morgana then forces King Triton to bow down. They decide they will use Melody as the tool to Triton's undoing. Melody is angry and shocked that Ariel hid the truth about her locket. Morgana acts surprised. Makoos | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Mr. Whiskers | Ursula | Sir Hiss | Captain Crocodile | Big Mac | Marina Del Rey | Morgana is now trying several attempts to change Undertow back into a shark but all fail. S.I.R. Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | Morgana cackles maniacally and claims that all the seven seas are at her command. Professor J.T. After Melody has gone away, Undertow is angry that she didn't use the potion to change him back. She shows Melody the map and where the "scoundrel" lives. Mr. Winkie | Fleshlumpeater | Kramer | Madam Mim | Hercules Villains | There's Magic in the Stars • Celebrate the Magic • Disney Dreams! Duke Weaselton | Weasels | Unlike Ursula, who has six tentacles despite being half-octopus, Morgana actually has the correct number of eight tentacles. He and Ariel raise their new daughter Melody away from the sea, keeping her mermaid heritage secret. Dijon | Melody asks if she means that it wasn't just "an ordinary fish tale" and if it really exists. Winifred Sanderson | Yokai | Cad Spinner, Shorts, Television, Comics and Video Games Morgana is Ursula's younger sister, who made her debut in the awesome movie The little Mermaid 2 Return to the Sea. Bori Khan | Jay Fuller | Mortimer Mouse | Still alive while she sinks, she whimpers "Mommy!" Comanche Chief | Morgana reveals that the mermaid spell is temporary. Jordan Buttsquat | Morgana sends Cloak and Dagger to go and make sure nothing interferes with Melody's return. Cherokee | Erik & Francis | Shere Khan | Morgana lies to Melody that "her" Trident was "stolen" by a "deranged kleptomaniac" (she's referring to King Triton and his trident) and that "there is no one left to give it back for her". Morgana and Undertow see that Melody discovered her grandfather's locket, which they decide to take full advantage of. Ironically, Morgana's voice actress also voiced her sister Ursula. Bullwhip | She has green eyes, red lips, a mole on the left side of her mouth and her hair is longer than Ursula's and has pink streaks. Ab Cross | Lion | Speed | Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Beatrice Stanhope | Rinzler | For other characters, see Morgana (disambiguation). Melody realizes the truth. Sebastian defeats Cloak and Dagger. Inspector Fix | Gargoyles Villains | Lip-Lip | Stabbington Brothers | Just like Ursula, she was voiced by Pat Carroll. The Jungle Book Villains | Razoul | The Gammas | Morgana lies to Melody that "her" trident was "stolen" by a "deranged kleptomaniac" (she's referring to King Triton and his trident) and that "there is no one left to give it back for her". Arno | Peter Thorndyke | Smith & Wesson | King Stefan (2014) | Supervisor | Timber Wolf | Ricky King | Alien | Dr. Terminus | Zira | Al Roker | Morgana is the younger sister of the wicked sea witch named Ursula, whose place she takes as the main antagonist of Disney's 2000 direct-to-video animated sequel film The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, the sequel to Disney's 28th full-length animated feature film The Little Mermaid. Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | Morgana acts surprised. Prince Eric, his crew, and Scuttle arrive in battle the now-powerful sea witch. As Morgana sentences King Triton to oblivion, Melody surprises Morgana by snatching the trident from her. So, she sends Undertow, Cloak, and Dagger to bring Melody to her lair. Mr. Big | Princess Mombi | Dr. Claw | Doug & Gordon | She shows that she hates being criticized in the movie when she berates Undertow for comparing her to Ursula. Aladdin Villains | Enjoy those fins!" Morgana reveals that the mermaid spell is temporary. Tabaqui (1998) | Sabor | Zeke Midas Wolf | Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Baby Thaddeus | After Undertow taunts Triton, Sebastian chases Undertow, angrily but Morgana transforms Undertow into a gigantic shark and Sebastian manages to flee. Tal Hajus | General Otmin | Cattlemen | She lacks her sister, Ursula's, deviousness. Shadow Blot | Claude Frollo | Connie | Musical: She's in Love • Human Stuff • Positoovity • I Want the Good Times Back • Daddy's Little Angel • Her Voice • The World Above • The Contest • If Only • Beyond My Wildest Dreams • Sweet Child • One Step Closer • All Good Things Must End Edgar Volgud | Giant Magnet | Morgana's octopus arms are green instead of purple like Ursula's. Buldeo | Sa'Luk | The party celebrating Melody's birth is interrupted by Morgana attempting to prove her superiority over Ursula. Pink Elephants | Snerbert | Dr. Frankenollie | However, Morgana destroys Prince Eric's boat. Grim Reaper | around the sea to protect Melony from Morgana. Lucifer (2015) | Reuben | The plan succeeds. Huntsgirl | Phantom Blot | Pinocchio Villains | Cinderella Villains | Jack Frost | Princess Irmaplotz | Trigger & Nutsy | Buster | Speckles | This is where she broke out in a song "I'm Gonna Get My Wish Tonight!". Hydra | Lana Thomas | Atlantis Villains | Horned King | Luanne LeSeur | Mrs. Satterfield | When Morgana became older, she came up with a plan to rule the ocean. Zeus | Lock, Shock & Barrel | Morgana cackles and claims that all the seven seas are at her command. Morgana le Fay | Morgana forces all the creatures she sees to bow down to her. Eventually Morgana is revealed to be the villainess and some how everybody ends up at her iceberg of a home. Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) | Despite the heroes' efforts, Morgana still has the power of the trident and forces all the creatures she sees to bow down to her. Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Morgana and Undertow argue about whose fault was what about hiding in the lair. Jacques Lebeau | George McKinzie | But Melody, angry at Ariel for hiding the truth about her locket, gives it to Morgana. Cheshire Cat | Bowler Hat Guy | DuckTales Villains | Melody then comes across Morgana's minions who brings her to their Ice Cave. Robin Hood Villains | Morgana reveals that Ariel was only trying to protect her from her. The orb light shines and Morgana goes and sees Melody holding her locket. Air Bud Villains | Grand Duke (2015) | Commander Heist | Her ability regarding her forcing the sea creatures to bow down to her resembled the ability. Darkwing Duck Villains | Morgana confesses that she herself tricked Melody into giving the trident to her and that King Triton is really the king and is Melody's grandfather. Card Soldiers | However due to her not paying attention at the time, she dropped the baby in the wrong direction, and gave king Triton enough time to banish her. 101 Dalmatians Villains | Wildebeests (Blag) | Judge Doom | The way Triton and Sebastian react when she first appears implies they were fully aware of Morgana's existence the whole time but did not consider her a threat probably because of her quite poor magic skills in comparison to her more powerful sister. Butch Cavendish | Charles "Trout" Walker | Fat Cat | Ariel confronts Melody and orders her not to go into the sea, but Melody disobeys Ariel and gets to see Morgana. Arthur | Morgana rises to the roof of her own lair on top of her new cliff. Her skeleton appears when she is electrocuted by the trident shortly after grabbing it but is not harmed. Big Hero 6 Villains | She tells Melody that her time as a mermaid has just expired. Lumpjaw | When Morgana was young, she was liked less than Ursula by her mother. Foxy Loxy | Morgana then forces King Triton to bow down. Oswald Granger | Melody says that she will bring back 'her' trident and that she can count on her. The Little Mermaid: Ursula | Flotsam & Jetsam A picture of Ursula and Morgana's mother was seen in the deleted scene "Gonna Get My Wish". Gag Halfrunt | Dr. Facilier | Sykes | The picture of Ursula sinks along with her, a little far behind. Shake It! Fantomius | Wander Over Yonder Villains | Kuala | Narnia Villains | Witch | Patton Sr. | Kronk | Melony runs away for some reason and ends up in Morgana's clutches. Star Wars Villains | In terms of power, Morgan sucked, badly. Finally, he imprisons Morgana in a small iceberg, which falls off the cliff when her icy fortress starts to sink, dropping her into the cold ocean. Like Ursula, she is shown to be cannibalistic as during the scene, when she welcomed Melody to her lair, she offered her a plate of dead sea animals of her own species. Zafire | Morgana looks up at the sky and says to her mother that she has finally won.

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