※ Except under certain conditions His size and bulk, along with what is apparently a very ravenous appetite, combined with his ability to wield a blunt object (a hammer) is possibly a reference to mythological Giants or Ogres, who sometimes wielded clubs and often tried to eat humans. He is the first Faced Mechon to be introduced. Xord's Japanese voice actor, Tesshō Genda, will later provide the Japanese voices for the, Xord's English voice actor, Jonathan Keeble, will later provide the English voice for. "I'm Xord, your host tonight!" Ovations.Okay, I guess there's something that XC2 clearly lacks compared to XC1 - characters like Xord and Metal Face. Xord features the ability to transform into a bulky jet, similar to Metal Face. Xord will activate this buff when his health is less than 50% of its total HP I don't know if its old yet but a few days ago I found the character "Z" saying "I'm really feeling it! ※6 During the second Ether Mine battle only. What's even more impressive is how their other lines also fit the other's in context lmao. ", "You want the brat? Metal Face (黒いフェイス, Kuroi Feisu, Black Face) is one of the primary antagonists in Xenoblade Chronicles. Dinner's ready! It's good to have fresh meat on the table! Bana comes across to me as being an irredeemable pile of trash, but maybe I just haven't run into his tragic backstory yet or whatever (I'm at the start of Chapter 6, and frankly he's only further convincing me that he's an irredeemable pile of trash right now). ※4 During the Ether Mine battles only. 280 [Mild Xenoblade 1/2 Spoilers] Today I found out Xord and Muimui have the same voice actor, so I had to make this. When the army of Mechonis attacks his home, young scientist Shulk sets out for revenge. Xord (English dub: /ˈzɔːrd/) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles. I tried very hard to make them as fitting as I could! Can't say that I remember it myself. ", "He's still alive! Great editing, but now I can't take Xord seriously anymore. ", "You just don't give up do you, Monado Boy?! The key is to fill up the, During the second Ether Mine battle, Xord can be damaged by, When a vision appears, all the physical attacks can be defended by using, "No! These Colony folk just didn't fill me up! (voice) (as Nick Boulton), Meyneth / The elevator continues up as he explodes, causing the collapse of the entire Central Pit. Xord will activate his craze aura when his health is less than 30% of its total HP. When fighting against Shulk, Xord makes constant references to how insignificant the characters are compared to him, showing him to be incredibly overconfident. Before Shulk can question him further, Xord restarts his engine, blasting off the edge and falling down into the shaft. He then announces himself as Xord (until this point, he was simply referred to as having a Bronze Mask)—when Shulk and the others react to this as though it is unusual, Xord mentions he cannot remember "it" very well. He is a bit of a loudmouth as he shouts a lot—indeed the only time he seems to not shout is when he is mumbling about not remembering his name. | Tonight the main course will be, YOU!! Posted by. Close. spoiler. As Mysterious Face, he is the second Faced Mechon that Shulk meets and is the first Mechon to talk in the game. ※ The battle ends when Xord uses Wild Crash. Xord features the ability to transform into a bulky jet, similar to Metal Face. During battle he will often shout out before launching any attacks, see Quotes below. Xord’s Face Mechon body is the only Face Mechon to have been mass produced as you eventually encounter them as regular enemies. (voice) (as Shiori Katsuna), Sorean (voice), Gadolt His face is a similar shape to Metal Face's, but has a working black lower jaw akin to a beard. I had a few other scenes recorded as material (eg. (voice) (as Kosuke Takeuchi), Additional Voices Yumea ", "Got to hand it to you... You beat me without even releasing the true power of the Monado. So that's who Xord is! starts digging bugs out of the ground with bare hands. I ate them all up! ", "The Monado? Photos of the Xenoblade Chronicles (Game) voice actors. – Xord. But don't think he will be for long! User account menu. Press J to jump to the feed. | Xord is similar to Metal Face in that they share a bipedal appearance. His heavily corroded armour lacks protection from the Monado, making him easier to take down. Standing. Xord falls into the ether river and seemingly dies. She then recommends asking Désirée who might show it to you, but brings up how uncomfortable it must be to have people go through Désirée's deseased father's belongings. ", "Food ain't supposed to JUMP OFF THE PLATE! ", "That's what they all say. ※3 The Spiral Valley battle will end when Xord uses this art. I'll keep 'em real safe inside my belly! As Mysterious Face, he is the second Faced Mechon that Shulk meets and is the first Mechon to talk in the game. He's not very interesting so u/Senpai-Thuc forgot he exist, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Xenoblade_Chronicles community, Continue browsing in r/Xenoblade_Chronicles. I'm not Metal Face!". Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Shulk Xenoblade Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (voice) (as Kenichi Miya), Melia (voice) (as Johji Nakata), Linada / Xenoblade Chronicles (Video Game 2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I'm not Metal Face! However, Xord's armour and limbs are mostly black and silver in color. Well, he's right here! 280. (voice) (as Ryo Horikawa), Vanea / The main thing that sets him apart from other Mechon is that his appearance is very bulky and spherical; giving him an ogre-like or troll-like appearance. After this, Metal Face reappears and starts taunting the group. Company Credits Well, there is another character who is an irredeemable piece of trash (aside from one thing he does) but he’s a pretty big spoiler. slurping noises, B: "...I'll sniff em out! That thing can't even put a dent in me! Jonathan Keeble is awesome. Xord is straight up psychotic and Metal Face is irredimable piece of junk (and I absolutely love everything about his character).Feels like they tried to present Malos as XC2 version of irredimable trash...but the way he interacted with Jin and other Torna gang just...doesn't do it to me. Before Xord can attack, however, Sharla shoots down Xord's limbs, with the Faced Mechon falling onto his back, near the edge of the still-immobile lift. See image of Jonathan Keeble, the English dub voice of Xord in Xenoblade Chronicles (Video Game).

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