Tracy Clayton BuzzFeed Staff. The 6888th Battalion was the largest all Black female military unit in World War 2. For more information on these facts, check out our archive of Little Known Black History Facts. Black Americans have been making contributions to America from the start, but like countless other Americans whose achievements have altered and enriched our lives, these Black Americans remain relatively unknown. So, it's important that we honor our own and thank them for making our lives more fair, as well as appreciate them for making us as a people feel more powerful. The more Black History facts we learn, the better placed we are to stop injustice and inequality today. He started his life as an explorer at the age of eleven when he ran away from an abusive home. Black History Facts. Learn about Black History Month, black leaders, the civil rights movement and more. The history of black players in North American ice hockey has roots dating back to the late 19th century. But Bessie didn't let any of it stop her. She educated herself and managed to graduate from high school. Tracy Clayton is an audio producer for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. Most of them, though, like so many who fought in that war, remain relatively nameless to us. 1. Black History Month is upon us and it's only right that we honor all of the figures who've come before us to make our lives today better, as well as show love to those continuing the fight in order for tomorrow to shine even brighter for people of color. Among little-known Black History Month facts is the real age of this celebration. Learn about Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B. What we love about the biographies of these six people is that not only did they have exceptional talent, but they did not allow the circumstances of their birth to determine who they were or what they could accomplish. Bessie worked hard in her childhood, picking cotton and helping her mother with the laundry she took in. That is certainly a lesson for all of us. Black History: 10 Lesser Known Facts that will Shock you 1. History & Culture. But anyone who thinks that it was only white people who chose to fight for the principle of individual freedom might want to take a look at the Forgotten Patriots Project from the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). Du Bois and other prominent African American figures. Happy learning! However, it's always fun to learn more facts about us as a people. One of these was Crispus Attucks, the son of an enslaved person. Illustrations by Xavier Payne. After serving in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, Latimer got a job as an office boy in a patent office. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. Philippa Schuyler was a piano prodigy who had an unconventional upbringing and life. Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript. Although he was not the first to pass through the area, he was the first to establish a permanent settlement, where he lived for at least twenty years. Like all good stories, a … [Read more…], Here is an interesting note regarding King James and the Stewart Family History: King James came from a long line of Scottish Stewart Kings. Every single day of the year, black people who strive to make improvements in their communities and push black people forward should be acknowledged. ET Tweet Share Copy 1. February is the shortest month, after all. He set up a trading post on the Chicago River, where it meets Lake Michigan, and became a wealthy man with a reputation as a man of good character and "sound business acumen.". In 1909, Peary and Henson went on what was to be their final trip, the one on which they reached the North Pole. Number one, Black Europeans, which is not new, but the details of them could be too many. So, it's practically impossible to know every single thing about our history. #BHMX. King James and the Stewart Family History. Among prominent figures are Madam C.J. In many cases, what they accomplished they managed to do against all odds, in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Little Known Black History Facts is Back like Shaq!. Para saber mais sobre nossa política de cookies, acesse link. Copyright © 2020 Little Known Black History Facts. Maybe you just haven't had time to learn them. It's time to celebrate, beautiful black people! This engineer and inventor is the reason why disc-based home video games exist. This Week's Hottest Instagram Pics (9/26-10/3), If You Got It Flaunt It: Stars Who Regularly Show Off Their Goods...And We're Not Mad, This Week's Celebrity Instagrams (9/19-9/26), Fantastic Voyage Flashback: A Look Back at 2014's Theme Nights, Wine Wednesday: Celebs With Their Own Wineries and Vinyards, Source:U.S. Department of Defense, Public Domain, Source:Library of Congress, Public Domain, Source:John H. Fitzgibbon (Collection of Robert E. Green) Public Domain. ET. For instance, we hear about Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, and many other famous Black Americans, but what have you heard about Edward Bouchet, or Bessie Coleman, or Matthew Alexander Henson? Black History: 10 Lesser Known Facts that will Shock you 1. For example, Estevanico, an enslaved person from Morocco, was part of a group who had been asked by the Mexican Viceroy in 1536 to go on an expedition into the territories that are now Arizona and New Mexico. Ten Little Known Black History Facts History is often reduced to a handful of memorable moments and events. The McKoy twins were conjoined twins who were put on display from childhood. Maybe you just haven't had time to learn them. But, do you know black history as well as you may believe? Get REVOLT updates weekly so you don’t miss a thing. Sophia Stewart, African American author of The Matrix … [Read more…]. Carol Bainbridge has provided advice to parents of gifted children for decades, and was a member of the Indiana Association for the Gifted. The term "little known Black Americans" can refer to all the people who have made contributions to America and to civilization, but whose names are not as well-known as many others or not known at all. Many of these enslaved people later were freemen with their own land, contributing to the success of the colony. Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix This little known story black history (and black present) fact has met a worthy end. Copyright © 2020 Interactive One, LLC. The first black ice hockey star was Herb Carnegie during the Great Depression. Our past is so rich -- centuries long, in fact. Black Americans have been making contributions to America from the start, but like countless other Americans whose achievements have altered and enriched our lives, these Black Americans remain relatively unknown. He went ahead of the group's leader and was the first non-Native person to set foot in those lands. Source:U.S. Department of Defense, Public Domain By Tracy Clayton. Black History Facts – Little Known Facts about Black History Summary. These twin brothers were a carnival attraction who gained a lot of attention with their unique look. Sign up for the Some were part of the early explorations of the New World. This piece cites many amazing African Americans who's contribution to our nation often go unrecognized. This comprehensive guide to your study of Black History is an incredible addition to any social studies class during Black History Month 2020, or at any time throughout the year.. Little Known Facts About Black History. His father was a Frenchman in Haiti and his mother was an enslaved African person. However, he managed to get admitted to Yale and became the first African American to earn a Ph.D. and the 6th American of any race to earn one in physics. Undeterred, she saved enough money to go to France where she heard women could be pilots. He's on this list, though, because of one of his contributions that we don't often hear about: The Tuskegee Institute Movable School. Black history is the story of African Americans in the United States and elsewhere. Posted on February 13, 2014, at 12:32 p.m. By Editors. Frederick Jones was an inventor who was responsible for the creation of the cooling system on refrigerated trucks. Want to support our journalism? All Rights Reserved. While most Black people originally arrived in America primarily as enslaved people, many were free by the time the Revolutionary War was fought. Sarah Rector was once the richest Black child in America. … [Read more…], YES, we are back in the building and going to start off with a BANG! West Africans were wearing bling as early as 1067 AD Sources mention that when the Emperor of Ghana gave an audience to the people, he sat in a pavilion surrounded by horses caparisoned in “golden cloths.” by Doriean Stevenson. On and the Tom Joyner Morning Show we celebrate Black History every single day. 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Black History Month Kelly Bryant Updated: Feb. 26, 2020 In honor of Black History Month, here are some facts about black history in America that even history … The line from the Scottish Kings stretched back 343 years. Check them out below and tell us if you've learned anything new on social media using the hashtag #BHMX. Check them out below and tell us if you've learned anything new on social media using the hashtag #BHMX. The Tumblr is back for its fourth year of teaching the people what The Man doesn't want them to know. Black History facts are sometimes little known because the credit for many great works was not given to blacks due to public stigma. Black History Month is the designated time that we do all of this. Because he was Black, Henson was virtually ignored. If we aren't the ones who do it, then no one will. February is the shortest month, after all. Black History Month dates back to 1926, at which time it was known as Negro History Week. Our past is so rich -- centuries long, in fact. Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar conteúdo e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços. Only three schools there accepted Black students at the time, so Bouchet's educational opportunities were limited. For more information on these facts, check out our archive of Little Known Black History Facts. Bessie Coleman (1892 -1926) Bessie Coleman was one of 13 children born to a Native American father and an African American mother. 18 Black History Facts You May Not Know. Walker, who was the first U.S. woman to … At this time, the celebration lasted only a week, and began on February 12. Latimer was the only Black American on Edison's elite team of inventors. Paved in slavery, bravery and determination, African-American history is full of heroes who were ready to dedicate their lives to improving the status of African-Americans in society. However, it's always fun to learn more facts about us as a people. Although segregation prevented him from attaining the kind of position he should have been able to get with his outstanding credentials (6th in his graduating class), he taught for 26 years at the Institute for Colored Youth, serving as an inspiration to generations of young African Americans.

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